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Real-time & Fast-paced
Battle online opponents in real time, and use timing, dodging, countering and anticipating abilities to your advantage! Real-time means no turns and no waiting for AFK opponents! Games last between 5 and 6 minutes.
TCG & MOBA Hybrid
Arcanium is a card game that borrows mechanics from the Battle Arena genre. It features 4 lanes, AI-controlled Minions, Hero experience and levels, and mechanics like Stuns, Roots, Silence or Damage-over-time. It is a truly unique experience that fans of both TCG and MOBA genres will love!
Artifacts & Progression
For classic RPG lovers, Arcanium also features an item system. You will be able to discover, earn or craft powerful Artifacts, and equip them onto your Heroes to boost them and completely customize your in-game experience.
Competitive Platform
Arcanium is as fun to watch as it is to play! Its fast-paced nature and emphasis on skill and big plays make it a true competitive online game. Climb the ranked ladder online to win amazing end-of-season rewards!
Fair Business Model
Arcanium rewards its loyal players by offering attractive daily rewards, milestones and achievements rewards, and steers away from the pay-to-win model.

~ from the official site

Release date: Q1 2019 (early access)